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Transform your Sunshine Coast event into an unforgettable experience with Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast! We are your premier provider for photo booth rental on the Sunshine Coast, blending innovative technology with top-tier service to create timeless memories for you and your guests.

Starting from only $450 per hire, our photo booths offer unbeatable value and affordability without compromising on quality. We have catered to hundreds of events across the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Brisbane, earning a reputation for excellence and reliability that keeps our customers returning time and time again.

Our modern open air photo booths assure you quality, affordability, and most importantly, heaps of fun! We offer a variety of packages tailored to your specific needs and budget, ranging from digital-only options to traditional print options that gift your guests with a cherished keepsake of your special event.

Choose from a dazzling array of backdrop options to design an atmosphere unique to your occasion. Our radiant tension backdrops and sparkling sequin designs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, adding that extra touch of elegance and vibrancy to any setting. Seeking that extra wow factor? Explore our Backdrops page for hand-painted scene props, contemporary Starlit curtains, and an extensive collection designed to amaze your guests and elevate your event.

At Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast, we prioritise customer satisfaction and pledge to provide the best experience possible for your photo booth rental needs. Each event we service is more than just another booking; it’s an opportunity for us to deliver joy and unforgettable memories.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our Sunshine Coast Photo Booth rental services. We’re here to help turn your next event into an extraordinary memory that will last a lifetime. Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast – where fun meets forever!

Step 1: Choose a Package

We Have Different Packages To Cover Your Needs

At Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast, we provide a diverse selection of packages tailored to meet your budgetary needs and desires. Our digital-only options offer instant photo delivery to your guests’ smartphones, while our traditional print option provides tangible mementos that your attendees are sure to treasure!

Leveraging our competitive pricing on the Sunshine Coast, we guarantee you unparalleled value and quality with Forever Photo Booths. Enjoy the best photo booth hire experience on the Sunshine Coast, all within your budget, only at Forever Photo Booth Hire.

Photo Booth Hire Packages

Step 2: Choose a Backdrop

We Have a Number Of Backdrop Layouts

Craft a distinctive ambiance for your occasion with our radiant tension backdrops and glittering sequin arrangements. Ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor events, our backdrops infuse a dash of glamour and brilliance to your setup.

If you’re in search of exceptional backdrop choices, visit our Backdrops page. Unearth a plethora of options from artisan hand-painted scenic props to contemporary Starlit drapes. Our comprehensive selection is designed to mesmerise your guests and elevate your Sunshine Coast event to unprecedented heights. All with Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast, where we transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Step 3: Design Your Template

We Have a Wide Range of Layouts & Designs

Design the ultimate event aesthetic with our extensive assortment of dimensions and formats! Whether you prefer petite postcard-sized pieces or our iconic 2×6 sets, swiftly locate your perfect fit with Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast.

Infuse a personalised element by branding it with your unique logo or name. Our seasoned in-house designers will supply you with innovative concepts that will indelibly etch this remarkable occasion in the memories of your guests. With us, every event is not just a gathering, but an unforgettable experience imprinted in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.

Photo Booth Hire Template

Ready to Book Forever Photo Booths For Your Next Photo Booth Hire

Photo Booth Props

Box of Props!

At Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and elegance in memory making. However, our distinguishing factor is our eclectic collection of props that promise an additional dash of joy. Our assortment ranges from amusing masks and headpieces to unique hats and accessories, sourced from local boutiques and global online retailers – each handpicked for your optimal enjoyment! If you have a particular request for your event, don’t hesitate to inform us. We will go the extra mile, within our capabilities, to ensure your wish is fulfilled. Remember, your perfect event is our mission.

Step 4: Add To Your Experience

Add Ons

Delight your attendees with an additional touch of charm at your event, courtesy of our handy extras. Our exclusive Social Media Kiosk empowers you and your guests to share photo booth captures instantaneously – straight from Facebook, Twitter, or email! Moreover, if you’re on the hunt for a truly distinctive souvenir from the celebrations, consider investing in one of our Guest Books. A classic keepsake where all the lovely memories can be immortalised and treasured forever! Explore our offerings today; with our abundant options, we guarantee there’s something ideally suited for everyone. Your perfect event is just a click away with Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast.

Additional 1 Hr

Extend the joy of your celebration and forge enduring memories with Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast! Maintain high spirits and constant laughter by prolonging your party with our photo booth. For just an additional $110 per hour, you can keep on crafting priceless moments with your loved ones. After all, the best memories are those made laughing together, and we’re here to ensure they last a lifetime!

Photo Album

Immortalise the highlight moments of your celebration with a guestbook from Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast. Its sturdy pages and sleek cover are bound to dazzle, while offering your guests a chance to encapsulate their memories with heartfelt messages next to their event photos! Craft a unique memento that you can cherish for years to come – one that reignites those fantastic emotions every time you glance at it. Make your Sunshine Coast event a timeless tale with us.

Booth Attendant

To guarantee a smooth flow at your event, contemplate lightening your burden with the help of an additional team member. A photo booth operator from Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast can efficiently manage tasks such as guiding guests and handling props – a major advantage when your guest list exceeds 200 individuals. It’s an effortless approach to ensuring everyone savors the occasion while you sit back and soak in the joy! Enjoy hassle-free event management with us, where every Sunshine Coast celebration is a cherished memory.

Social Media Kiosk

Sustain the vibrancy of your event! With our intuitive kiosk from Forever Photo Booth Hire Sunshine Coast, you can encapsulate the memories of this extraordinary occasion for future reminiscence. Invite your guests to upload their photos – coupled with a customised message from you – to Facebook, Twitter, or email, sharing the joy globally! Remember to include those who couldn’t attend – give them a glimpse of the amazing time they missed. Create unforgettable Sunshine Coast moments with us, and share the happiness far and wide!